Motorhome Insurance

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Motorhome Insurance

If you own a motorhome then you’ll know that they are quite an investment. Leaving yourself open to theft, fire, accidents and other risks is simply not worth it so it’s always essential to protect yourself with a good insurance policy. Fortunately it’s now easier than ever to get motorhome insurance quotes so you will be able to get a great deal on a policy. However before getting quotes it’s wise to be familiar with the different types of cover that are available so you can make the most informed decision.

Cover Options

  • Comprehensive - A comprehensive policy will provide protection for all types of collision so it’s always recommended when you want the highest level of cover. The big benefit of comprehensive insurance is that if you’re involved in a collision where you’re at fault then your own vehicle will be covered. Even if you think you’re a safe driver, we’re all capable of making mistakes so knowing you’ll be covered no matter what will give you peace of mind.
  • Third Party - Third party will only provide cover for third parties when you’re involved in accident that you’re liable for. Third party is the cheapest cover option available but you should think about whether it provides enough protection or not.
  • Contents Cover - If you want to protect the contents of your motorhome then you should definitely consider getting contents cover. Most of us travel with smartphones and other expensive electronic items these days. When such items are left in your motorhome unattended, they can easily be targeted by thieves. Having contents cover in place will provide compensation if your possessions were to be stolen from your motorhome.
  • Breakdown Cover - Breakdown cover is essential for motorhome owners. Most insurance providers will give you the option to have this included with your policy. If you already have breakdown cover from another provider then it’s still worth checking how much it would cost as part of your policy as it might be cheaper.
  • European Cover - If you like to travel outside the country in your motorhome then you’ll need European cover. This will ensure that you can drive in foreign countries legally and with proper protection.

The Benefits of Motorhome Insurance

There are many benefits to getting motorhome insurance online. These include –

  • A highly tailored policy - Getting motorhome insurance quotes from specialist providers means you’re able to tailor the policy to your exact wants and needs. Getting additional cover such as breakdown assistance and European cover is no problem at all.
  • All types of cover available - You can get any type of cover that you need for your motorhome. You might want a very basic third party policy that’s just enough for you to drive legally. Or you might prefer a very comprehensive level of cover that protects you for all risks. Whatever the case, you’ll be able to get quotes that meet your requirements.
  • Compare quotes easily - Being able to easily compare the features and price of different policies is a big bonus of getting cover online.
  • Save time and money - Getting quotes is so quick and easy, which means you save a lot of time by not having to contact different insurance providers separately. Easily being able to compare quotes also means that you won’t end up paying more than you should for your insurance.
  • Expert advice - If you’d like to speak to an expert advisor to find out more information about the types of cover that are available then this is always possible. Speaking to an advisor will help you get more clear on the type of policy you want.
  • Instant cover and documentation - Your cover will be set up as soon you have made your first payment and documentation will be available to you immediately.

The Importance of Security

When you own a motorhome you can never underestimate the important of security. Making your motorhome secure will not only make it less susceptible to theft but it will also reduce the price you pay for your insurance. As well as fitting your motorhome with an alarm you should also ensure that you park it somewhere safe and secure when it’s not being used.

Ways to Save Money

  • Limit miles - If you don’t use your motorhome extensively then you can benefit from getting a limited mileage policy. A limited mileage policy will enable you to save money since the risk of you being involved in a collision or having your motorhome stolen is reduced, which means insurance providers can offer you a lower price.
  • Pay upfront - You can pay for your policy upfront if you choose and doing this means you don’t have to worry about making payments every month. More beneficial than that though, is that paying upfront means you’re likely to be offered a very good discount on the cost of your policy. Different insurance providers offer different discounts for paying upfront so you should contact as many as you can to see who offers you the best deal.
  • Make your motorhome secure - Making your motorhome secure should always be a big priority. Making it secure means fitting an alarm and immobiliser as well as parking it in safe places. By making your motorhome secure, insurance providers know that you’re less likely to make a claim and this means that the cost of your policy can be reduced. Parking your motorhome in a securely locked garage rather than on the street will make a big different to the price you pay too.
  • Get a lot of quotes - Getting a lot of quotes means you can compare them to each other and see which insurance provider offers you the policy with the options you need at the most competitive rate. This is one of the best ways to save money.

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