Self-Build Motorhome Insurance

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  • Third party
  • Fire & Theft
  • European Cover
  • Contents Cover
  • Breakdown Recovery

Self-Build Motorhome Insurance

Whilst there are many excellent motorhomes available to buy on the market, there are a good number of people who prefer to build their own motorhome. It is not too difficult to convert another vehicle into a motorhome as long as you have adequate space to work with. Whilst building your own motorhome can be very satisfying it’s important to be aware that in order to be able to insure it there are certain requirements you must meet.

What Are The Requirements?

The biggest concern that insurance providers have with self-build motorhomes is safety. This makes sense because if you’re motorhome is not safe then there’s a much greater chance of you making a claim. Below are some of the requirements that most insurance providers will expect you to meet in order to qualify for insurance –

  • Bed fixtures have to be well secured to either the walls or floor of the motorhome - This makes sense since the last thing you want in a vehicle that you’re driving is for a large item such as a bed to be insecure. Always make sure that the bed is fitted extremely securely and get help with fixing it if necessary.
  • Their must be an outside fuel supply for any cooking appliances - This is another crucially important factor when it comes to safety. Keeping a fuel source inside the motorhome increases the likelihood of fire so you always need to ensure that any fuel source is kept outside of your motorhome.
  • Any doors must either be sliding or outward opening - The reason this is important is to prevent any damage to the contents of your motorhome, which would result in you needing to make a claim. Making the doors sliding or outward opening should not be a problem however.
  • There has to be at least one side window in the motorhome - There should always be at least one side window for safety reasons. If a fire were to break out in the motorhome and you weren’t able to get the doors open then a side window would provide another means of escape.

The exact requirements will vary from one insurance provider to another however any good insurance provider will want to ensure that your self-build motorhome is safe so you should always adhere to the above requirements.

Types of Cover

  • Third party – Third party insurance is the minimum level of cover required to drive legally in the UK. It provides protection for other road users in the event that you were to be involved in an accident where you were liable. It’s a cheap option but only provides minimal protection.
  • Comprehensive - A comprehensive policy would cover any damage to your own vehicle if you were involved in accident, even if you were the one at fault.
  • Fire & theft - Fire & theft covers fire damage to your motorhome as well as protecting you against the risk of theft. This is very often added to a third party policy.
  • Contents cover - When on a campsite, your valuable contents can easily be targeted by opportunist thieves. Getting contents cover will ensure that you’re compensated if your valuables are stolen from your motorhome.
  • Breakdown assistance - Breakdown assistance is always a must-have type of cover for motorhome owners. You may already have breakdown assistance but even if you do it’s definitely worth enquiring how much it would cost with your insurance policy.

Benefits of Getting Cover Online

There are some great benefits to getting your self-build motorhome insurance online. These include –

  • Getting quotes is very quick and easy
  • You can save time and money by comparing policies next to each other
  • Policies are very easy to set up
  • Payment can be made by credit/debit card or direct debit
  • You can speak to an expert advisor to get much information on cover options
  • The claims process is very quick and easy
  • You cover will be active immediately

How to Save Money

Below are three great tips for saving money on self-build motorhome insurance –

  • Join a motorhome owner’s club - If you’re a member of a motorhome owner’s club then you might be able to benefit from special discounts and offers.
  • Consider a limited mileage policy- A lot of people only use their motorhome at certain times of year, such as when they have a holiday planned. If this sounds like you then you should certainly enquire about a limited mileage policy. A lot of insurance providers offer limited mileage policies and they work out much cheaper than a regular policy.
  • Shop around - Shopping around by getting quotes from different insurance providers is one of the best ways to save money. It enables you to easily compare policies and see which provider is offering the best price.
  • Look online for offers - You’re often able to find great offers and discounts online so make sure you keep a look out for these as you don’t want to miss out.
  • Use an insurance broker - Not everyone thinks to use an insurance broker but they can save you a substantial amount of money. They essentially contact insurance providers on your behalf and work to get the best possible price for you.
  • Pay upfront if possible - It’s certainly not feasible for everyone to pay for their policy in one lump sum. However if you can do this then you’ll be able to save a very substantial amount of the overall cost of your policy. Be sure to contact as many insurance providers as you can and work to get the lowest possible price when paying upfront.

Get Your Quotes Easily

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