how to save money on motorhome insurance

  1. State how often you use your motorhome when getting a quote
  2. If you have built up a good no claims bonus on your car insurance then ask the insurer if they are able to match this with your motorhome policy.
  3. Reconsider the value of your Motorhome each year to ensure you aren’t insuring your motorhome for more or less than it is actually worth.
  4. Most of us are concerned about the safety and security of our motorhome so add items such as locks, alarms and tracking systems to protect it.
  5. The number and experience of drivers on your Motorhome Insurance policy will affect its cost, so bear this in mind when choosing who will drive your vehicle.
  6. Consider where your motorhome is stored, as high-risk postcodes command much greater premiums than low-risk ones.
  7. If you are considering purchasing a new motorhome then opt for one with a smaller engine size
  8. Consider taking a motorhome manoeuvring course as this will earn you a discount on insurance premiums.
  9. Be as accurate as you can when advising your insurance provider about your annual mileage and any intentions to travel overseas
  10. Another great way to get cheaper motorhome insurance is to buy multiple products from one provider and benefit from the multi-product discounts that are available.

And that is how you save money on motorhome insurance